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AirRanger Protecting A Crawfish Bait Farm


See AirRanger in action protecting a crawfish bait farm in the South.   AirRanger is multifunctional and is effective in many pest & bird control applications. 

AirRanger® Featured in The Wall Street Journal

See AirRanger® featured in the story published in the Wall Street Journal regarding the effectiveness of inflatable bird deterrent systems. Full Story:  New Scarecrows for Vineyards: Car Dealers' Inflatable Dancing Tube Men

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AirRangers Spotted on Google Maps

The Googlemobile that photographs the street-view images shown on Google Maps catches AirRangers in use protecting apple orchards in the mountains of Washington (state).  CLICK HERE or click the image below to see the AirRangers in action.  This customer has reported a significant decrease in crop loss due to bird activity and a significant increase in yield per [...]

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